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Hannibal, Queerness, Horror.

As Lola Sebastian so elonquently stated in her video on the movie 'Bones and All', violence and cannibalism is inherently queer and "other".

Hannibal is not exactly the ideal queer love story, but it's not really a love story at all. It's about coming to terms with something about yourself that you hate, despise, barely tolerate as is. Being a "monster". Monstrosity can be depicted in many different ways. In Hannibal, the titular's character cannibalism and murderous tendencies are things that Will must learn to accept. Will loves Hannibal, on some level, and struggles to accept that love and all the complexities about it. He has his own murderous tendencies to grapple with as well. He believes that the world they live in is no world for monsters. He deserves some kind of pain, suffering, all of the above, for being complicit in these thoughts and emotions.

For many queer people, this sentiment hits way too close to home. We are all led to believe that we are ugly, broken, monstrous. It is only natural for us to love the taboo and the monstrous. We want someone to love us this way. We want any kind of love, as long as it's true. Horror as a genre will always appeal to the queers and the outsiders. For a more thorough discussion on these topics and more, check out Lola Sebastian's video.

Hunger Hurts: Cannibals and Why We're Obssessed with Them


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