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    • House M.D.
    • Video Essays on Aviation
    • The Bear
  • Listening
    • The Land is Inhospitable and So Are We by Mitski
    • Visions by Grimes
    • Apologies to the Queen Mary by Wolf Parade
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    • Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk
    • The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne
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    • Overwatch 2 (Illari)
    • The Sims 3 and The Sims 4

About Owner

  • Hello World! My name is Bryony. I am 20 years old. I use they/them pronouns primarily, but I'm okay with he/him. I made this new website design because quite frankly I got tired of the old one and it's simplicity. I'm hoping to fill this new design with paintings and such, but I'm going to keep a lot of the sites I had up on my other design, just revamped! I hope you all look forward to a new era, under a new name, with new things to look at.
  • Find me in the following places: Tumblr and Spacehey
  • Pronouns Page.
Blinkie of Lemon Demon's album 'Spirit Phone'. It features the album's cover art. Bright red blinkie with black thin text that reads ' I love Persona 5' in all caps. It also has the signature Persona 5 top hat on the left hand corner. Blinkie with the words 'Never Trust A Republican' in flashing red against a black background Blinkie with the words 'I love Revenge' in red against a black background Blinkie with a cat picture and the words 'I love Cats' Red and black blinkie, words: 'I love Horror Movies'. Blinkie with a red background and black bats Blinkie with a picture of Elmo from Sesame Street against a black background. Red text that says 'Elmo loves his Ritalin' Blinkie that has a green alien on the lefthand side and neon green text that says 'Abductable' Black background blinkie with neon green text: 'Green screen' Blinkie that says 'I glow in the dark' in neon green text, black background Neon green text that says 'Frogs are God' Blinkie that says 'Its that Goblin!' in neon green text with a black background Blinkie with the asexual flag and flashing lights circling it like a movie theatre. Text that says 'Asexual Pride' Same as the blinkie before, only with the lesbian flag and 'Lesbian Pride' instead. Blinkie with a pink triangle to the lefthand side and text reading 'Proud to be Me!' Blinkie that says 'Kinda gay tbh..'
A stamp with a black background and red human-like eyes opening. Stamp with a black background and a white chalk eye opening and closing. A pattern of ovals all the way down in black and white, flashing. Black background, white text that says 'Give me Horror!' Black background, white text, the words 'Sorry for being so edgy :(' Black and white anime girl with her eyes as the focus. Swirling black and white spiral. Stamp with white background and black bats. Stamp of the Tomie character from Junji Ito's horror comics Stamp with a black background and neon green text that reads 'This Stamp glows in the Dark' The Magnus Archives original logo as a Stamp Stamp with a static background and neon green text that says 'No Signal' Stamp that says 'I love Bats' in neon green text before fading away and showing a neon green bat Stamp that has neon green text that says 'Creature Features' in the style of old horror movie text Stamp of a black background with neon stars, text that says 'Glowing stars' in the bottom left corner Stamp that says 'Lesbian' with a rainbow behind the text asexual flag stamp Stamp with pink background that says 'Everything I do is for the Ladies' Stamp with a trans flag background that says 'Yes, I support cis rights', which then changes to 'Cis rights to Shut the Fuck Up!' Stamp with a white background and rainbow text that says 'Pride'